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Growth at Nomä New York

Nomä New York was launched in July of 2014. Dreams of releasing a plethora of designs in the passing years filled one's mind every day. Design sketches which included avant-garde cut and sews, tops, bottoms, accessories, and even shoes. Designs sketched in previous years would become trends because someone who had the resources and income to create the pieces, made it happen. Launching Nomä was a rocky path, multiple encounters with a great amount of obstacles occurred quite frequently, resulting in a short hiatus from late 2014-2015. Despite this, Nomä's first release was a screen printed tee with an artistic connotation to explain the garment. This tee started the Lost Collection of Nomä. The feedback Nomä received was amazing and from then on we've maintained the notion. "There is no turning back."

Nomä is Amon spelled backwards. Amon meaning the "hidden one "and hidden within Noma are AO, my initials. This explanation reveals the hidden origin of Amon. In terms of fashion, Nomä is designed to voice a youthful and innovative trend starting with the “Lost” collection. Nomä is an enterprising clothing line. Our goal is to express Art Through Fabric. Every design presented yields an artistic connotation behind it whether it be through textures, colors, fabrics, words, or an intricate design of a garment. Nomä does not shun anyone's style, for Nomä garments are designs tailored to everyone’s sense of style. An ideal Nomä team member possesses the willingness to collaborate and bounce ideas off of one another to create perfected, lucrative, and brand new ideas.

Creative Direction Intern - Must have avid passion for fashion designing. - Proficiency using an advanced photo editor such as Photoshop - Good oral communication skills - Contributing to photoshoot and videography direction. - Assisting designers (moodboards, archiving, helping with research, etc.)

Social Media/ Marketing Intern
- Excellent written communication skills, and a genuine passion for writing and story-telling,
-Organizing content and sending out emails for exposure.
- Write and publish editorial and social posts to promote photography and video pieces

Junior Designer
- Ability to illustrate fashion sketches in detail.
- Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator preferred.

Seamstress - Good construction knowledge - Knowing which garments can/cannot be altered and understanding different fabrics/styling - Strong understanding of both men’s and women’s alterations, fittings, and garment composition. - Be accurate and productive in marking and pinning. - Knows how to use all types of marking tools (rulers, hem markers, etc) - Experience operating on sewing machines - Must have good sewing skills.

If this may be you and you are looking to grow with Nomä please kindly email your portfolio with your name and brief summary about yourself to our Email.